Friday, October 12, 2007

Help plan the fall party for Kindergarten!

I'm the room mom for Joseph's class and we are coming up on our first party of the year and need to plan a menu. Here are the parameters we are working with: non sweet snacks, no nuts or nut oils of any kind. I'm just organizing and then will send out an email for volunteers.
I've come up with cheese and crackers, fruit like pineapple and grapes. Some sort of seasonal type food..but what I don't know? Pumpkin muffins? We can also have 100% cider seems the obvious choice. I'll save the cranberry juice until Thanksgiving. Send me some more ideas!


The Shippey's said...

Well, I'm not sure how much time you have....or how many kids there are, but here's a link for what sounds like a cute (healthy) Halloween fruit snack.
Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

The Shippey's said...

Okay, found another one that sounds easier.
A fun snack recipe that is great for Halloween or anytime! Kids will love it. Make the simple treats using crackers, Bugle brand snacks, and spray cheese!
Bugle Brand Snack Chips
Round Snack Crackers
Can of Aerosol-Style Spray Cheese
Spray the cheese carfully around the edge of the round end of the Bugle brand chip. Gently press the cheese covered edge onto a round cracker. You now have a little snack that looks like a witch's hat! If you prefer, you can us speadable cheese along with or instead of the spray cheese.

Anonymous said...

Pa Says;

How about a large packet of mixed Lollies & a couple of bottles of red cordial??