Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nice Weekend

We had a long weekend. It started out with a half day of school on Friday and ended with a day off yesterday. On Friday we (all four of us) headed over to Marietta and ate lunch at the Aussie Bakery.
Saturday morning we had two soccer games back to back and Mimi and Papa showed up to watch the fun! Next we had a fast drive across the county for Edison's first birthday party. The kids had a hay ride and we got to catch up with some friends.
After that, we came home and got ready for Kelley and Lora's engagement party/shower up in Pendergrass. It was really nice and very pretty!
Sunday we had a church picnic and then came home and took the kids up to Mimi and Papa's for a sleepover. Brendon and I headed out to dinner and then went to the lastest BOURNE movie. I really like this series of movies!
Monday Joseph had a little birthday party at Chuckee Cheese's. He loved it, as do most kids, but I really can't stand that place.
We normally don't have such crazy full on weekends, but this one was ok even if it was busy. Writing this all out felt like one those grade school exercise where you have to use the words, first, then , next and finally.....oh no I forgot to use finally!

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Mimi/Susan said...

I liked the sleep-over part the best!