Monday, October 29, 2007

Recap of last week

We have been going full blast this past week. We have had fun, but it's time to sit for a spell. Last week Isabelle had a science project with pumpkins and I took photos for the class. Last Friday the 2nd graders went on a field trip and I was one of the drivers. After school that day we went over and visited Laurie, Olivia and Edison. Then watched Edison while Olivia had a piano recital. On Saturday the kids had their final soccer games and trophy party. Their soccer parties were at the same time so divided up and Brendon didn't have the camera for Joseph's party. Saturday night Brendon and I got all dressed up and went to a fund raiser gala for the school. A friend took some pictures and I'll post them when I get them. It was fairly fun, but the music was so loud that my head felt like it was ringing all night. The next morning while singing hymns I thought my head was going to swirl off because my ears just about couldn't take any more sound whatsoever. On Sunday afternoon we did a food drive for the local food co-op. (It's called "spooky to be hungry" and has been featured in Southern Living.) I was so tired by then that I didn't get any pictures. We have 150 homes in our neighborhood and we collected 557 items (cans, boxes etc)! At first the kids were a little shy about knocking on the doors, but after a few houses they got the hang of it and it was exciting. We did recruit some teens from church to help and I sent each kid with a different group and followed along in the van with the trunk open. I'll post pictures soon.

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Kristen said...'re a busy lady! It's fun to see the kids break out of their shell a little isn't it. ;)