Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Boars Head Feast

I coordinated this Boars Head Feast. It is an annual tradition at the church. It was alot of work, but alot of fun. The boyscouts served the food and one lady organized the
decorations. The men cooked barbeque from a very very early hour all day.
Other people prepared side dished.
We had a local High School acting group come and do a comedy
about Shakespeare.
Most of the people who attended dressed up in medieval costumes.
It was really fun.
Brendon was so sick that he ended up not being able to attend.
These are pictures of some of the families that came dressed up.
The Smiths
I forget their names! (They don't have kids know how that is!)

Me and the kids.

Judy, Jennifer and Vince (she makes all those costumes!!!)

Our good friends Peter, Julia, Susanna, Sonja

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Kristen said...

Looks like a lot of work went in to that...and a lot of fun. Wish we could have seen more of your costumes. ;)