Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This and That

These are some swatches of fabric that I chose to bring together our sitting area and kitchen.
The square on the right, on top of the green swatch was my second choice. My first choice was more muted, but they were out of it and if I wanted it I would have to pay for 20 yards!
I needed about 7 yards. We are recovering our favorite chairs. After 6 years of childrens hands and yogurt etc..they are in need of new coverings! These swatches don't show the caramel and browns that are also in the fabrics. I've never been into using a fringe or tassles before, but it seemed to really add to the valances so I decided to go with it this time!
I will post pictures when it's all completed. I did find some drapes for the sitting room that were already done and the chairs will be done in 10 days, however the valances needed to be sewn and it'll be 4-6 weeks before they are completed.
OK...so now I've totally bored you all!
Other news..it might snow here! It hasn't snowed since Isabelle was 9 months old (7 years ago) and Jospeh has never seen snow, so the kids are totally excited!!!


Mimi/Susan said...

Looks good!

Kristen said...

Those are beautiful fabrics! Hope y'all get snow!