Thursday, January 10, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Isabelle and Joseph started swim lessons on Monday. They go on Monday and Wednesdays for 30 min. On the second lesson they were swimming! I really couldn't believe it!


Mimi/Susan said...

Are they swimming in an OUTDOOR pool?

Anonymous said...

They have a good pool in Rocky for swimming!!! Probably warmer than there now too!!!

Tassiepa said...

Hey I think I have this sorted now, I dont have to be anonymous!!!

Mimi/Susan said...

Ahh--tassiepa! It took me a couple of seconds to figure who you are. Did you look at my blog and see how long I've been hanging on to the huon pine phamplet that came with the cheese board you all brought me on one your early trips? Of course I wouldn't have been able to find it if I were needing it. Hope you all have a good New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tamara!!! Brendon gave me the address of your blog! Cool - I love it + I can see pics of you guys! :)
Hope we can keep in touch now!
I have some pics on
but have not updated the site since before xmas! lack of time!
Take care my dear. Kisses to you all!
Audrey from Switz

Mommabelle said...

Great to hear from you! Love your pictures!